Bojan Popovic (21.12.1994.)


- Member of Herodotou Tennis Academy since 2010   Bojan Dubail  Bojan National                     

- Member of all junior national selections of Cyprus

- Permanently among top 5 junior players of Cyprus

- Best junior ranking No.125 TE U16

- Best professional ranking No. 1878 ATP (November 2014)


While Fr Bojan was student/player of HPU (Hawaii Pacific University) tennis team during 2015/2016. The team won NCAA Div II Championship for the season 2015/2016

Boyan Honolulu 


Currently, student (Sr) and member of StMU (San Antonio, TX) tennis team. Won 3rd place in category doubles on ITA Div II all-American Championship 2017. Holds national ranking No.3 in category doubles. 

  Bojan San Antonio  ITA Fall 2017 Ranking National