Back to back titles for Melios in Kazakhstan

Double crown for Melios in Kazakhstan !!!

After the Winner title at Grade 2 ITF U18 Tashkent tournament last week, Melios has continuded his winnig strike and added one more title - Winner at Grade 3 ITF U18 Namangan tournament that has just finished. 10 consecutive wins in a row with just ONE dropped set in two tournament weeks is a result for all respects. Furthermore, Melios is coming back home with one more Winner title - partnering Leftheris Neos they won the Grade 2 Tashkenmt tournamewnt in category Boys Doubles.

Apart of Melios,our Academy was represented by another one player - Nicholas Campbell, which has managed to pass all obstacles in Qualifying draws of both tournaments and participate in both Main Draw competitions. More successful run was the one from Tashkent (Grade 2) where Nicholas made 4 consecutive wins before fallinig to No 3 seeded Klimov (RUS).