Unlucky Saturday in Traralgon

Traralgon, Australia, 14.01.2017. - Saturday was not a happy day for our team in Australia. Leftheris didn't finish his last round qualification match yesterday (rain postponement) and 5:7 3:2 was the starting score today against Shepheard (AUS). He has pushed to the limits and managed to win the match with the final score 5:7 7:6 6:3. Unfortunately, the organizer didn't give him a chance to rest and recover completelly from the exhausting match and sent him back on court bit later, this time against Stewart (GBR) ITF U18 No.68 player in the world. Leftheris gave his best effort but the first found MD match has finished 3:6 3:6 for the opponent. 

Our best junior player, Melios Efstathiou was even more unlucky than Leftheris. In his first round BS MD match Melios played very well and was progressing 1:0 in the final set (5:7 6:3 was after the first two sets) against 9th seeded Tajima (JPN) No.21 junior in the world when he fell down during one long rally and injured himself (wrist). After medical time-out Melios had no other option but to retire. Examinations, which have been done immediately after showed nothing broken but rest time is necessary. We hope that Melios will have enough time to recover completely until the end of the next week when Qualification Draw for Junior Australian Open shall start.