Eleni Louka completed her first presence in ITF Junior Tour Team in a very good way. After SF presence in sigles, Eleni together with her partner Daujotaite (LTU) have passed all the way through to the final of 4th Memorial of Lillo Pucci Cat.1 tournament in Foligno (Italy) where they met Dalakashvili (GEO) partnering Yersh (BLR). After a thrilling match Dalakashvili / Yersh won with the final score 3:6 6:3 11:9. This was an amazng week for Eleni and she has proved all expectations of ITF coaches on the best way. SF in singles and runner-Up in category doubles put Eleni under the spot light for the remaining three tournaments. The very next one, the Cat.1 52nd Torneo de Avenire (Milano, Italy) will be a new chance for Eleni to present her enormous talent and excellent game. GOOD LUCK ELENI !!