Petros Chrysochos (WAKE FOREST UNIVERSITY) - ACC Champions for 2016

PETROS CHRYSOCHOS has put another great success next to his name.

Tennis team of Wake Forest University (NC) has just became ACC Champions for 2016. After many successes and great matches during the whole season Wake Forest became ACC champion for the very first time in its 63 years long history of competing collegial tennis. Needlees to say such result would be impossible without Petros who played his best tennis and made many important wins during the championship. The true drama and great thriller match was WF's last match against actual (2015) ACC Champion - Virginia University. The final score was 4:3 in favor of WF and the very last (deciding) match has finished in the final set tie-break (Uspensky Vs Corintelli - 6:7(4) 7:6(3) 7:6(4)!! The moment of big celebration you can see here

The last station of WF tennis team for this season will be all-american NCAA championships where over 40 best teams will play a tournament for the NCAA title. That will be the end of collegial 2016 season and we hope that Petros and his team-mates will have enough strength and great motive to grab NCAA 2016 title also. The tournament will be played in Tulsa (University of Tulsa, Oklahoma) between 19th and 30th of May and we are going to provide with latest news about the progress of Petros and Wake Fores University.

2016 Champions Run       Petros With ACC Trophy resized