Herodotou Tennis Academy as a Perfect Training Station




1) SUN, SUN and more SUN... Mild Mediterranean climate and lot of sunny days, even during the "coldest" weeks will definetelly delight Sun and Cloudsyou. In the winter time, the average time of sunshine per day reaches 5.5 hours and average temperatures during January/February reach 15 degrees Celsius. Seems little? How about this - here in Cyprus, it is not strange to enjoy warm periods (20+ degrees) during the winter. So forget all about dull and gloomy weather, freezing indoor conditions, grab your sunblock and your tennis equipment and book your staying with us.


2) Modern tennis facilities of HERODOTOU TENNIS ACADEMY will make your trainnings extremely efficient. 5 hard (PlexiPave) courts, spacious gym with necessaryFutures 2014 resized equipment, modern club house with all necessary facilities and finally our players, which are renowned internationally and available to be your training partners are our favorites and clearly destinguish Herodotou Tennis Academy from the others. We work outdoor 365 days in a year and we provide our guests ultimate service and our full attention.


3) SAFETY !!! This is just great news - Cyprus has been ranked the 5th safest country in the world, and the 1st safest country amongstSafety chart countries with a population of less than 5 million! Cyprus was praised, in particular, for its high number of national police personnel per 100,000 people (466), as well as the very low number of thefts, at 111 per 100,000. Out of 106 countries that generate enough data to run a study about the safest countries in the world, our Cyprus proudly holds the 5th place! More amazing is the fact that Cyprus is the No 1 safest place on earth to live and visit among countries that have population under 5 million !


4) It is not ALL ABOUT THE TENNIS - Cyprus will welcome you with its traditional hospitality. Cypriot people are extremely friendly and they will greet you with a smile and a warm handshake, possibly offering you some warm Cypriot coffee and a bit of local, Cyprus foodtraditional food. All foreigners, which were visiting Cyprus state that one of the major reasons to return back to Cyprus, apart of its beauties are, in front of all Cypriot friendly people.

5) FOOD... FOOD...FOOD!!! GO MEDITERRANEAN! In Cyprus you can enjoy delicious and healthy food. The food in Cyprus is almost organic, as the mother nature offers. We could go on and on about all the different Cypriot dishes one can try when in Cyprus but the list is never ending! Whether you are an athlete on strict and balanced diet, a fanatical meat eater, sea food fan or a committed vegetarian you are promised to leave Cyprus with a prime gastronomic experience. 


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 DSC 0038 resizedFOREIGN TEAMS

Apart of intensive junior training programs HERODOTOU TENNIS ACADEMY has specialized in hosting foreign teams, which are coming to Cyprus to benefit its mild Mediterranian climate during winter and enjoy our outdoor training conditions (average daily temperature during coldest months - January/February, is around 15 degrees with lot of sunshine).


By combining excellent winter training conditions together with excellent out-of-season (low price) accomodation oportunities any visit to us is signed with a signature of big success. Our academy will provide you not only its modern facilities but the oportunity "MIX & HIT", which means that our prominent junior and senior players could be your sparing partners throughout your staying with us. Therefore, tons of high-level training matches are guaranteed.

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