Eleni Louka - player of the month, September 2017

September has brought excellent set of results for Eleni Louka (15) and will be remembered as the month where Eleni has recorded her first ever ITF U18 title. It was the title made on Herodotou Tennis Academy ITF U18 Grade 4 tournament and in a very impressive way - winning over seeded No.1 in the first round and than over No.3 and finally over No.2 in the match for the title.

This was not a single success for our best female junior player but a runner-up title from Ioannides ITF U18 Grade 5 tournament of the week before will also help Eleni in recording a significant progress on the world ITF U18 ranking list. Eleni's new place will be among best 350 female junior players of the world. 

Apart of good ITF results Eleni has dominated in two Cypriot TE U16 tournaments, which took place in our Academy as well as in Master Tennis Academy, Nicosia. In both tournaments, Eleni has allowed only one set to her opponents (Hadjigeorgiou, SF in Nicosia) and game score of 48:27 in Eleni's eight matches shows the best her supremacy during those two weeks.